Fair Play for Foyle

Fair Play for Foyle. A campaign for Derry / Londonderry.

Whilst a number of excellent campaigns exist to challenge those in authority on issues like higher education & transport, there is nothing to unify those groups into a single city-wide voice for change. We hope to form a group that is cross-community and non-party political with the aim of ensuring the city gets a fair crack of the whip.

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Derry is the most economically disadvantaged city in the UK and Ireland. We want to change that.

The city is largely ignored by a Northern Ireland Assembly which continues to focus the majority of its attention and resources on Greater Belfast. We want to stand up for Derry/Londonderry by putting our focus on non-contentious issues that everyone can unite around such as transport, education, tourism, the economy and the environment.

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We want to work with existing groups and the general public. Let's work together.

There are campaigns already working hard on individual issues e.g. : University for Derry, Into the West, Derry For 2023, as well as individuals and groups not currently active. Fair Play for Foyle aims to revitalise the ability of ordinary people in the city to become organised and challenge the authorities on key issues. We want to be proactive by highlighting areas where the city is receiving a raw deal and lobbying for better. We want to help organise events, studies and publications which could create debate and awareness whilst getting ordinary members of the public involved. We aim to be the non-party political voice raising issues on behalf of the citizens of Derry/Londonderry.

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Our Demands. What we want to achieve.

There is an easily identifiable set of long-standing issues and grievances which the people of Derry/Londonderry have suffered for years. In addition, there are other important issues which are less high profile/long-standing, but nonetheless could still be considered important for the city. The suggested demands should be non-contentious issues around which the whole city could unite, rather than ones which would be considered divisive.
Browse our draft list of suggested demands for a Fair Play for Foyle campaign, listed by category.

Special Status

  • A formal recognition by the Stormont Assembly of the perilous state of the North West's economy, and the bestowment of special status to address it
  • Complete with specific targets, clear action steps and funding.



Seek the introduction of a major 'Brexit Impact Fund' for NI border areas, to help ameliorate the negative impact of leaving the EU.

Brexit border protest


  • Introduce a statutory requirement on Invest NI to ensure the jobs they fund and attract are spread evenly throughout the province, not just focused on Greater Belfast (the IDA in ROI has a similar requirement placed on it).
  • Push for the post-Brexit designation of Foyle Port and City of Derry Airport as 'Free Ports', and the land between them as a Free Trade Zone.

Foyle Port

Roads & Rail

  • A5 and A6 both completely dualled by January 2023.
  • Hourly train service to Belfast introduced by January 2018.
  • Introduction of an express service to Belfast, covering only main stops, as the first stage of new through-service to Dublin.
  • Full feasibility study on new railway station for City of Derry Airport / Eglinton, incorporating a 'Park and Rail' facility.
  • Inclusion of Derry line within the EU's TEN-T rail strategy.

Translink train


Stormont to contribute some/all of the current council-funded subsidy necessary to keep the Airport running, with a 5yr reduction/phase out once a core of new routes are established ????

City of Derry Airport


The creation of a 10,000 student Independent University in Derry by 2025.

Ulster University at Magee


The creation of a world class state-of-the-art Interpretative Centre for Derry's Walls, as a legacy project for their 400th anniversary in 2019.

The Hands Aross The Divide artwork


Protect Derry's water supply by properly cleaning up the illegal dump at Mobuoy, and ensuring River Faughan is adequately protected in future.


Arts, Culture & Sport

  • Secure return of the All-Ireland Fleadh to Derry.
  • Creation of a new medium-capacity event space/conference venue in city.
  • Guarantee Derry will be host city if 2023 Rugby World Cup held in Ireland.
  • Ensure Stormont's £36m Regional Stadiums fund is used to enable completion of Phase II of Brandywell Stadium redevelopment before end of 2018 (Too divisive an issue ?).

Ebrington during City of Culture 2013

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