Justice League
Battle of the Sexes
Paddington 2
Murder on the Orient Express (2017)
The Death of Stalin
Thor: Ragnarok
The Snowman
Blade Runner 2049
Home Again
Kingsman: The Golden Circle

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My Top Films of 2018

My Top Films of 2018

8th January 2019

Do you remember Embarr? Regardless, here's an end-of-year list.

Turning Embarr Films into a sparse vessel for my annual output. 2018 was a fine year for film but I found my memory foggier than usual when trying to recall my favourites, especially those Oscar-baiting ones released so long ago.

As with every year, there are a few films that only just miss out on a top ten spot and so at least deserve a mention. Upgrade was a fun, pulpy sci-fi with some fresh takes on clichés. In Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri we got treated to an angry, grieving mother and a racist cop, McDonagh's film manages to balance the darkness and the humour. The movie that provoked my tear ducts the most this year was Pixar's Coco, which is well worth checking out. Bradley Cooper's assured directorial debut, A Star Is Born, was one of the year's highlights and surprises, along with Lady Gaga's powerful performance. Closer to home, the famine-based revenge flick, Black '47, was able to craft a gruff revenge thriller onto one of the darkest periods of Irish history. The chilling Hereditary can also count itself unlucky on missing out, it has a few standout sequences that have etched themselves into my mind.

Right, that's me done with the preamble, onto the skim-read-friendly top ten list.

10. The Old Man and the Gun

Robert Redford is his charming-self as an elder bank robber. David Lowery's film follows someone doing what they do best whilst falling in love and evading the law. It's a lovely human tale and such a comforting film, like a warm cup of tea on a rainy day. I can see why Redford wants it to be his last film, it'd be a beautiful one to hang up his hat on.

9. Mission Impossible: Fallout

Breaking the run of different directors for each Mission, McQuarrie and Cruise reteamed to take on Fallout. With ankle-breaking stunts (inspired by Tom, I did the same a month later on a football pitch), breathtaking action and relentless forward motion, this film along with Rogue Nation are at the pinnacle of thrilling action movies. The breathless tension you feel in your seat whilst experiencing this rollercoaster is why I'll be first in line for the next, well that and for the fact Cruise calls someone a 'prick'.

8. Blindspotting

7. Sorry To Bother You

6. The Shape of Water

5. Blackkklansman

4. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse

3. Avengers: Infinity War

2. Love, Simon

1. Annihilation


From the bottom of my cold heart, thanks for reading and I wish you have a happy and movie-filled 2019.

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