More Projects

Rogue Tanks

Rory Doherty and I created this game using C#, Microsoft Visual Studio and XNA for our Advanced Programming module in second year.

In the game, an army of tanks are attacking your tower which you have to defend, i.e. your typical Tower Defence game.


Scrum Management System

For our Agile Development module, in a team of 7 people, we used C# and Entity Framework to create a Scrum Management System. Although this process produced a good, functional system, the main focus was on the agile development methods used and the SCRUM processes we utilised.

The system allows you to create users with varied roles, new projects and sprints within the projects. You could also create and manage any tasks and which users were assigned to them.


Footsteps: Final Year Project

My final year project involved a lot of image processing. Specifically, the images of shoeprints. The system allows you to input an unidentified shoeprint and will compare it with a database of prints to find a list of the closest matches.

This uses C# throughout and with WPF for the interface. I used the Emgu library for some of the image processing where I had to create DFTs (Discrete Fourier Transforms) of the shoeprints to help recognise patterns. I devised a new function to recognise the strength of 'ridges' or 'planes' in the DFT images in a bid to aid shoeprint comparisons.


Sunset Harbour Game

This was created using Adobe Director and Lingo for my Multimedia module in my first year at Uni. It was a point and shoot game which tracked mouse movements. Unfortunately most browsers no longer support Macromedia Flash so it is now an unplayable relic.


Property Management Game

We were tasked with creating a property management game using Java Swing and had to follow a strict set of requirements to provide a satisfactory deliverable.

The task was basically to create a Monopoly rip-off and that's what we did.