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The Big Cinema Fare: June 2017

The Big Cinema Fare: June 2017

15th May 2017

What will be projected onto your local multiplex screens this June? Warning: Some of these may add to your good weather guilt rather than distract.

1st Wonder Woman

After two iffy entries in the DC Cinematic Universe, we're hoping a kickass lady can get things on the right track. Gal Gadot stars in what is the biggest female-led superhero film yet and while she may not be the best actress, the end of BvS shows that she can definitely give the boys a run for their money in the ass-whooping stakes. Her own film should also herald the return of her tongue-in-cheek awesome electric guitar motif although it could be curious if it gets pegged back a bit with this being a period movie set in World War I.

Why Will It Be On A Screen Near Me? Cause DC and superhero.

9th The Mummy

Skipping the fact that Dracula Untold exists, THIS is the start of Universal's connected classic monster world. They've updated the mummy to be the ballet leg-sword assassin from Kingsman and given her weird eyes and a lot of power to CGI-ly destroy cities. Tom Cruise seems to be involved in her being dug up and thus set free so I presume he tries to get her back in her box. I'm up for revisiting Egyptian mythology in blockbuster form with Ethan Hunt.

Why Will It Be On A Screen Near Me? Cause big budget classic monster movie with added Tom Cruise.

22nd Transformers: The Last Knight

It's the new movie about cars unfolding into robots. Fresh from reading the synopsis, I can tell you that Optimus Prime is gone and the answers to some questions are hidden in the past. So we may get some interesting archaeology here and I could've sworn Churchill was mentioned so time-travel too? That could be fun. Anthony Hopkins may also turn up.

Why Will It Be On A Screen Near Me? Cause robots in disguise sweep up the dolla.

28th Baby Driver

We've waited for ages for a new Edgar Wright film and here's one he wrote and directed himself after he left Ant-Man. It stars Ansel Elgort, Jamie Foxx and Kevin Spacey and is about a young getaway driver with tinnitus so he enjoys tunes through his Apple earphones while he motors about all cool and stuff. Mr. Wright tends to make movies that are smart, slickly made and richly detailed so I am very much hoping that this follows that trend and this is my most eagerly anticipated June release.

Why Will It Be On A Screen Near Me? Cause I want it to and it mightn't be there for long.

30th Despicable Me 3

Gru, our heroic villain voiced by Steve Carell, meets the twin brother he never knew about, Dru, voiced by Steve Carell, and sibling rivalry comedy awaits. The series uses the adopted kids as the heart with the minions being the comic relief often fighting for centre-stage since they took over the world. Will likely be fun enough and make a lot of money even though the fad for the underlings has quietened down.

Why Will It Be On A Screen Near Me? Cause little yellow, pill-shaped dudes.


Five films in one month should be enough cinema trips for you, I'd say prioritise Baby Driver in case it gets out-muscled by the more IP-based behemoths.

If you want one more, the Baywatch reboot with The Rock and Zac Efron, sneakily hits cinemas a few days before Wonder Woman on the 28th May in an effort to usurp it in the weekend box office charts with its two day advantage. Apart from the sly factor, it could be best-case a lesser 21 Jump Street but still fun or it could be embarrassingly lurid and awful.

Happy June folks.

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